Unlike other marketplaces, we give your brand and your identity centre-stage on the platform. Become a part of our growing community of vendor partners.

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions:

🤔 What is

We are an Edmonton-based startup founded by Barry Campbell - a successful small business person.

It's a two-sided eCommerce marketplace. We work with businesses who sell products online and use our marketing engine to promote your products.

💰 what does it cost?

There are no subscription charges and no contract for the first year. Second year onwards, there is a $5/month subscription.

If an item sells, we charge a small commission (lowest of any other marketplace).

We transfer the amount as soon as the transaction goes through. We do not hold your money.

📈 how does it work?

Once you sign-up, we will set-up your store and import your product listings from your current store (Shopify, Etsy, or WooCommerce). 

We connect to your existing store so any changes you make there are automatically updated in your storefront on

We promote your products and when an item sells we transfer your payment after deducting our commission.

🤨 what's the catch?

There is no catch. There are no hidden fees and you only pay when your item sells.

You get an automated sales channel without requiring any ongoing efforts.

If you have more questions, feel free to call or email us. 

Contact details below.

I am excited to hear your story; how you started, how you currently manage your business and ask how we may work together to grow your eCommerce businesses on our new marketplace Book at 15 min meeting and lets chat!

- Barry Campbell

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